Fiona’s Story

I remember as a child I used to spend a lot of time on my bike, riding around my neighborhood. The freedom, fun, memories and experiences that cycling gave my have stayed with me. I think that everyone should have the opportunity feel the wind in their hair and the enjoyment cycling can bring.

I grew up around family and friends with disabilities and I learned from an early age how important positive links within the community are in creating an inclusive society. I have met many unique and special people throughout my life and witnessed how great achievements can be made given the right mix of compassion, patience, and knowledge. It is these experiences and meeting these people that have lead to my desire and need to give back and hopefully make a difference.

When Selina came to me with her story and desire to start Cyclabilities I saw it as a perfect opportunity to combine my desire to do my part in building an inclusive society with my training in program management, education, disability and community development. To be able to work with children and families, encourage physical activity, and promote a healthy life that families can engage in and share together is a true passion. Selina’s idea moved me greatly and it has been a true joy to work with her to build this holistic inclusive program. Cyclabilities has offered me the opportunity to ‘pay it forward’ and be that impact for other families with children with additional needs.

My goal and desire for Cyclabilities has been to develop the highest quality of programs, ensuring that everyone involved, including staff, participants, families, volunteers, sponsors and partners – learn, develop and teach in a supportive, inclusive, welcoming, high quality, fun and holistic environment.

For me Cyclabilites has been about taking dreams and goals and making them a reality.

Each week, Cyclabilities warms my heart as I continually see how support, motivation, encouragement and the right team of therapists can help individuals truly shine.

Being able to see each individual progress over the course of is simply indescribable. The flow on effect for families and the wider community is amazing. To know that I am doing my part in helping children develop skills that they can then build on and utilise to create happy childhood memories brings joy. Seeing smiles on not only the children’s faces but also on parent’s faces from that feeling of Cyclabilities is extremely gratifying.

I can honestly say that Cyclabilities has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.