Vision and Goals

The Cyclabilities program is a group based transdisciplinary family therapy program for children with additional needs. We see each student as an individual and offer a unique, personalised learning. We work to scaffold content for every student from their first session to enable them and their carers to implement their learning into their daily lives.

Teaching children with additional needs to cycle can be challenging for those providing help and encouragement. There are no programs in the ACT to support this learning. Cyclabilities endeavours to bridge this gap. The program teaches road safety and cycling skills but the benefits of the program go far beyond this. We work with participants to build confidence, independence and social skills.

The program provides participants and their families with a greater prospect of personal safety. We provide a safe venue for children with additional needs to learn about the personal application of road safety and allow them to experience a wider social and communal experience. Cyclabilities is designed to help children with additional needs develop skills that will allow them to aspire to life opportunities that might otherwise be more out of their reach.

The Cyclabilities program aims to:

  • Equip participants with developmentally appropriate road safety knowledge and understanding
  • Develop participants cycling skills through individual learning programs
  • Build social skills and connection for families with children with additional needs.