Overtaking and filtering

Bike paths can sometimes become congested. Whether bicycling, walking, or jogging, following the same rules as everyone else will help all participants have a safer and more enjoyable open air experience.

All bike path users should be respectful of other users, regardless of their mode of travel, speed, or skill level. When overtaking others give a clear signal of your intentions. This signal may be a bell, horn, or voice. Warn in advance to allow sufficient time and space to complete the maneuver safely. Call loudly and clearly saying, “Passing on your left,” is the most common signal used to alert other users of your approach.

Pass others who are going in your direction on their left. Look ahead and behind to make sure the path is clear before pulling out. Do not move back to the right until safely past. Fast-moving users, like other cyclists, are responsible for being aware of slower-moving users.