Riding with a group

If you are riding in a group, there are particular group riding rules to follow. All riders are responsible for their own safety when riding in a group. Group riding requires even more attention to predictability than when riding alone. Riders should use hand and verbal signals to communicate with others in the group and with others on the bike path. Warn following cyclists of changes in direction or speed. The leader should call out “left” or “right” in addition to providing hand signals. The leader should announce the turn well in advance to allow other riders the time to position themselves to complete the turn without conflict.

Cyclists should pass others on their left and notify the other riders by shouting “on your left”. Many of the cyclists riding in a group will not have a good view of the road surface ahead, so it is important to announce hazards. Indicate hazards by pointing down to the left or right and shouting, “hole” or “bump.” Everyone should be made aware of hazards but it is not necessary that all riders should announce them.

When riding in a group, use no more than half the width of the bike path. On many heavy-use bike paths, this means that all users will need to stay single file. When stopping to regroup, always move off the path.Next