Steering and Turning

Once your child comfortable scooting and coasting it’s time master steering and turning. Again, this is all about practice. We suggest finding a large, flat, empty space (like a netball court or empty carpark). This will give your child plenty of room to move around without fear of running into anything.

We see steering and turning as including three main steps:

  • Make the turn. Begin by asking your child to gently turn the handlebars in one directions. This gentle turning action will result in the bike moving in a large circle. As your child gains confidence, they can turn the handlebars more tightly to achieve a tighter turn. Make sure they practice turning in both directions.
  • Focus on where they want to go. If your child wants to turn their bicycle, they will need to focus on where they want to go. Ask them to slowly look in the direction they wish to turn. You may need to initially walk ahead of them acting as an anchor point. They can keep their eyes on you while executing the turn.
  • Balance. Ask your child to gently lean in the direction they wish to turn. This will move their centre of gravity and help to maintain their balance. This is likely to be a new sensation for your child, and may be awkward to begin with. Executing the larger circles will require less of this inwards lean so allow plenty of time for your child to become familiar with the sensation before encouraging towards tighter turns.