When we started Cyclabilities Zander had always wanted to ride bikes but because of his high anxiety struggled with all the different components needed to ride a bike and having the confidence to even get on a bike and try, he also had problems with his balance and core strength making him get tired very quickly. With the Cyclabilities program and the team that run it Zander was able to gain the confidence and skills he needed to progress from riding a modified bike to a balance bike and can now ride a normal bike. While gaining the skills he needed to physically ride bikes like pedalling steering, controlling speed and braking the Cyclabilities team also offered a wrap around program which included helping Zander to recognise hazards when around roads and what actions to take and building on his safety awareness.

Zander built on a lot of skills with Cyclabilities and made amazing progress, but I think the biggest change for him was getting his confidence around riding, he now enjoys riding his bike and can ride with his friends.

This program helped all our family. We were all invited and felt welcomed and included. It was great that it was designed by therapists. Having Occupational Therapists, Teachers and Exercise Physiologists all there together meant that they were able to see and help Zander holistically. His individual needs were met amazingly well and everyone was so friendly, nice and helpful.

There aren’t many programs out there that are for groups and so inclusive to all kids with special needs.   specifically for kids with special needs.

Without Cyclabilities Zander probably would still not be riding a bike, would definitely not have increased his confidence and he would not have made the wonderful new friends he now has.

Thank you Cyclabilities. You made a difference in all our lives.